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What you write on should be as expressive as what you write down.
Exclusively available through our retail partners, Post-it® Signature Series Notes bring uniquely
brilliant designs from artists around the world to the classic Post-it® Notes you know and love.

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Morgan Hoff-Golmen

What inspires you? I love architecture, patterns, history, and Chinese art and I enjoy incorporating these things into my designs.

What do you do when you're not designing? Besides illustration I enjoy reading, bookmaking and book collecting, watching TV, and hanging out with my dogs.

What design trend interests you right now? I like bold, colored line work because it gives the illustration a graphic quality and it's unexpected and exciting.

What does good design add to everyday life? Good design makes everyday life more attractive and enjoyable, and it can also express your individuality.

What was the idea behind your design? I designed for a businessman who might use office products a lot. I used a 60s/Mad Men look and illustrated icons seen in his everyday life.

How do you see people using your designer notes? My notes can be used like other office products, but the user can also have fun doodling faces or interacting with the icons.

Why did you want to work with the Post-it® Brand? I was excited about this project because my designs were going to appear on products for others to see, interact with, and enjoy.

What city do you call home? I live in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

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