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What you write on should be as expressive as what you write down.
Exclusively available through our retail partners, Post-it® Signature Series Notes bring uniquely
brilliant designs from artists around the world to the classic Post-it® Notes you know and love.

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A few words with

Lesley Barnes

What inspires you? I'm inspired by myths and legends, music and fashion, colour and pattern and things I see everyday.

What do you do when you're not designing? In some ways being an illustrator is your life. Everything else you do from watching films to seeing friends can inspire you, so it's actually hard to separate work from play.

What design trend interests you right now? I'm always inspired by pattern and colour. I don't think I follow design trends as such...I just know what makes me happy as soon as I see it!

What does good design add to everyday life? Good design brings a smile to everyday life. It just makes the sun shine a little brighter on a grey day.

What was the idea behind your design? I wanted to put a touch of magic into everyday life.  So even if you work in a grey office block you can still catch a glimpse of castle turrets and birds on your desk every so often!

How do you see people using your designer notes? I like to think they might use the notes to leave fun messages for their flatmates and friends to find or perhaps for marking a favourite place in a novel. I think my notes would appeal to people who like to create a bit of a story to go with their shopping list!

Why did you want to work with the Post-it® Brand? I use Post-it® notes every day! They have been a part of my daily routine for years ...through revising for school exams, studying at university and now in my studio. I couldn't quite believe it when I was asked to put my own spin on a Post-it® note!

What city do you call home? I'm in the process of relocating to London, but I'm a Glasgow girl at heart and that will always be home.

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